yabancı bonsai siteleri

  • Ancient Dragon Bonsai – Offers tropical bonsai, both trees in training and specimens. Varieties include flowering trees, buttonwoods, and ficus. Located in Florida.
  • Bonsai Boy of New York – St. James: nursery offers trees and tools.
  • Bonsai By Tiny Trees – Provides trees, pre-bonsai, and supplies.
  • Bonsai Etc. – Offers bonsai gifts, deciduous and evergreen specimens, kits, and accessories.
  • Bonsai Mart – Pots, tools and Bonsai for Japanese, Chinese and Korean styles.
  • Bonsai Northwest – Offers bonsai trees, pots, tools, and supplies.
  • Bonsai of Brooklyn – Offers bonsai, nursery stock, containers, accessories and supplies.
  • The Bonsai Tree – Tools, plants, and gifts including display tables, waterfalls and fountains.
  • Bonsai West US – Sells a small selection of indoor and outdoor bonsai specimens. Located in Kentucky.
  • Brussel’s Bonsai Nursery – Selection of indoor and outdoor bonsai trees, tools, and Chinese pottery.
  • Bunabayashi Bonsai – David Bockman’s website on the Art of Bonsai. Sells books and tools.
  • Buybonsai.com – Provides a range of different bonsai, bonsai material, bonsai tools and bonsai books.
  • Crash Bonsai – Providing the bonsai gardener with accessory miniature car crash sculptures. Gallery of his work, price list, and ordering instructions.
  • CS Bonsai – Offers a large selection of Bonsai equipment. Michigan, USA.
  • Dallas Bonsai Garden – Offers tools, pots, specimen bonsai, books and figurines.
  • DaSu Bonsai Studios – Offers bonsai, pots, planting stones, tools, books and companion plants.
  • Emperor’s Bonsai – Offers bonsai trees, information, care and tips.
  • Evergreen Gardenworks – Provides traditional, rare and unusual species of plants for use as bonsai.
  • Green Thumb Bonsai – Sells indoor and outdoor bonsai, pre-bonsai, and seedlings, both evergreen and deciduous varieties, as well as tools, supplies, and books.
  • Guy’s Bonsai Northshore – Provides specimen bonsai, nursery stock, supplies, suiseki and bonsai classes.
  • Japan Nursery – Supplier of bonsai, pre-bonsai, pots, tools, and supplies, as well as Japanese garden ornaments. Located in Florida.
  • JoeBonsai – Offers specimen bonsai, tools, pots, supplies, and books. Multilingual site.
  • Kaede Bonsai-En – Offers seedlings to specimen grade bonsai. Along with services by Matthew H. Ouwinga.
  • Koyama Bonsai Nursery – Offering domestic and imported bonsai trees, a full line of tools, pots and accessories, and care information.
  • Manhattan Bonsai – Offering bonsai trees and plants for sale, as well as supplies, information and a newsletter.
  • Meehan’s Miniatures Bonsai – Offering Bonsai starters, rare and miniature plant materials, and bonsai for our wholesale and retail customers.
  • Mello Bonsai – Online store, with pre-Bonsai, Bonsai and a basic assortment of tools.
  • Miami Tropical Bonsai – Provides bonsai and pre-bonsai of both traditional and non-traditional species.
  • Mike Rogers Bonsai Studio – Offers Bonsai, Pre-bonsai, tools and pots.
  • Mini Forests – Mail order nursery of miniature plants, for use in garden railroads, rock gardens, and bonsai. Products include trees, flowering and foliage perennials, ferns, and pre-bonsai.
  • Misho Bonsai – Specialized in tree seeds species suitable for bonsai culture. Features interesting propagation articles.
  • Nine Dragon Pottery & Bonsai – Provides homegrown bonsai, bonsai supplies and art pottery.
  • Northland Gardens Bonsai Centre – Offers bonsai trees, pottery, starter stock, tools, soil and accessories.
  • Omiya European Bonsai Shop – Internet shop for bonsai supplies like tools, wire, feed and soils.
  • River Bend Gardens – Growers of rare plants suitable for Bonsai, Garden Railways and miniature landscapes.
  • Samurai Bonsai – Online Shop for Samurai and ninja wood carving tools.
  • Sleepy Hollow Bonsai – Offers pre-bonsai and specimens, tools and supplies, pottery, and books.
  • Specimen bonsai trees for sale – A large collection of specimen bonsai trees being offered to serious bonsai collectors.
  • Stone Lantern – Sells specialised tools, books and magazines.
  • Yoshoen – Located in Japan, selling a variety of tools.
  • The Art of Bonsai Project – An effort to explore the aesthetic and artistic elements of bonsai, including technical composition, presentation, display and other ways in which bonsai impacts the human eye and soul.
  • Bonsai at the National Arboretum – A virtual tour located at the National Arboretum in Washington DC.
  • Bonsai Basics.com – Series of questions and answers on everything a beginner needs to know about keeping their own bonsai, and recommended books.
  • Bonsai Empire – With an cultivation, care and forming guide. Offers information about the several Bonsai styles and also hosts several photo galleries.
  • Bonsai Europe – A guide to bonsai clubs, national organisations and websites in most countries in Europe.
  • Bonsai for Beginners – Simple instructions on how to create and maintain your first Bonsai.
  • Bonsai Garden – Includes FAQ, tutorial for growing Fuchsia Bonsai, photo gallery and forum.
  • The Bonsai Garden – Philosophy, description of species used, remedies, encyclopedia, gallery, gardens, links, news, and contact information.
  • The Bonsai Guide – Images, a guide to bonsai in Europe, and links to care guides.
  • Bonsai Guide Book In Japan – Terms, plant name, style, pot, gallery, tips, store-maps in Japan, and links. English summaries.
  • Bonsai Hungary – Garden art, pictures of a collection showing the vision and harmony of bonsai.
  • The Bonsai Icon Collection – A gallery of viewer submitted bonsai icons.
  • Bonsai in Belgium – Gallery, care instructions, process of creating specimens, exhibitions, species guide, and references.
  • Bonsai Information for Western Australia – John Oldland’s collection of bonsai and suiseki. Photo galleries, and links to Australian bonsai clubs and nurseries.
  • Bonsai On The Web – Features a searchable directory of links to websites and articles, chatroom, mailing list, and an events calendar.
  • Bonsai Planet – Presents articles on selection of specimens, cultural needs, pruning, pests and diseases, as well as a photo gallery.
  • Bonsai Primer – Features informative articles for beginners.
  • The Bonsai Site – Definition, history, techniques, a gallery of bonsai, and FAQs.
  • Bonsai-Basics – Getting started, photo album, essentials, tools and equipment, related links, contact information, species guide, and display hints.
  • Bonsaihunter – A gallery and forum.
  • Bonsai4Me – Galleries, articles on basics and techniques, links, and a species guide.
  • Bonsaitalk – Portal features calendar, discussion boards, chat, a search engine, as well as links to related sites. Also offers articles and advice on specialized techniques.
  • Bunjin: The Bonsai Ring – Webring, over 60 sites listed.
  • Colin S Lewis Bonsai Art – Professional bonsai artist in the USA. Publication list, collection gallery with descriptions, illustrated articles, works in progress, biography and engagement dates.
  • Crespi Bonsai – Description of bonsai, accessories, pots, suiseki, tools, bonsai museum and training courses. Located in Italy.
  • Ecomcity’s Worldwide Resource Guide – Bonsai tree hobbyist sites and links to worldwide bonsai clubs are listed.
  • Ginkgo Bonsai Only – Styling, pruning, repotting, chichi bonsai, a gallery and links.
  • The Great Canadian Bonsai – Forum, gallery, articles, guides, Canadian zones and a guestbook.
  • Helpful Gardener – Bonsai Tree Care – Collection of articles about choosing, planting, pruning, and caring for bonsai.
  • How to Grow Bonsai Trees – Information, dictionary terms, FAQ and association addresses.
  • Kaizen Bonsai – Contains philosophical overview, gallery, projects, inspirational pictures, sketches, articles, links, notices, and workshop contact information.
  • The Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection – Housed at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. An illustrated history of the collection, its founder, the principal type of Hinoki in the collection, and the general care given to the trees at the current time.
  • Las Bonsai – Personal homepage with Bonsai collection photos, species, styling examples, greenhouse and guide to Bonsai in South America.
  • Living Bonsai – Articles on the history of bonsai, indoor versus outdoor, seasonal care, shaping and designing, styles, species, the art of bonsai and a glossary.
  • Mini Bonsai by Gun and Sachiko – Information about mini-bonsai, with a gallery of pictures, tips, techniques and case-studies. [Japanese and English]
  • National Bonsai Foundation – Program at the U.S. National Arboretum features image galleries and information on collections located in the United states and abroad. Also offers contact information for the group’s board of directors and newsletter.
  • Orlando Bonsai – Has the sole purpose of presenting and recording the slow transition of nursery stock and pre-bonsai material into developed bonsai. All trees styled by Paul Pikel.
  • Pedro J. Morales’ site – Private collection gallery, calendar and biography.
  • Penjing: The Art of Chinese Landscape Bonsai – Centered on Qingquan Zhao’s book, Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment. Background information, photo galleries, and magazine articles, as well as online book sales.
  • Recreating Nature in Miniature – Bonsai pictures, software, information and links.
  • Shohin-bonsai Europe – Dedicated to the smallest of all bonsai, Shohin-bonsai. Case stories, gallery and articles.
  • Steve Tolley Bonsai – A school for workshops, demonstrations and master classes. Site contains information, a gallery and material stock for sale.
  • Tropical Bonsai.com – Information about tropical bonsai, online magazine, message board, news, articles, bonsai photos and links.
  • West Coast Bonsai – A featured artist section, gallery, styling, articles, bonsai resources and a club finder.
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